​​​Totally new to online services like social media and don't know where to start? Do you want to feel more confident with interacting on social media and making connections? Or do you want your business to achieve more customer engagement by exploiting social media marketing, but unsure what social media site would be best placed for your business? I can help.

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Training now in
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Hi I'm Emily,

Time to Connect's Social Media Coach.

I'm a passionate 'Millennial' and having grown up using the digital arena, everything I do is online. I connect to the people I care about, but don't always get time to see on social media; I download applications to my mobile to keep up to date with the latest news on the go, and I shop online because I can compare prices easily with a click of a button. I believe that being online is the best way to keep in touch, with what's new and what's happening, in real-time nowadays. 

I specialise in providing my customers with a clear understanding on the purpose of social media and how to create their personal or business existence online.

My Skills in Social:

  • Proven work experience in social media
  • Excellent consulting, writing, editing (photo/video/text), presentation and communication skills
  • Demonstrable social networking experience and online engagement knowledge
  • Adequate knowledge of web design and web development
  • Good understanding of marketing and communications
  • Positive attitude, detail and customer oriented with good multitasking and organisational ability

Thinking outside of the box online...

Once you feel ready to engage yourself and your  audience in new things, I advise you on how to think 

outside of the box and help you choose other online tools.

No. of Hours1 to 1 Social Media CoachingPrice
1On 1 of the above topics or an ad-hoc social media service
3 (over 3 weeks)Tailored for you using the above topics with a free 15 minute consultation
6 (over 3 weeks)Tailored for you using the above topics with a free 30 minute consultation

1For Parents - Online Safety and Social Media practices
1Online Dating - Getting Started and Online Safety on Dating Websites
3Creation of a Facebook page for your Business (including 2 weeks content!)

My Services:

I help my clients with:

  • Getting started on​ Social Media
  • ​IT Support
  • Online Safety

Setting up accounts and making connections

I guide you on how to set up your social accounts and how to connect with your friends, relatives, customers or colleagues.

Going online can offer convenience and open up great opportunities for you, your customers and your business. With IT support and social media experience, I will make you feel comfortable and safe when you use online services.

I am patient when it comes to training 1-1 or in a workshop, and believe that anyone can master social media and the internet. Whether it be for personal use or business use, I want you to enjoy the technology as much as I do!

​From talking to people who are worried about using social networks, I find they all share the same thing in common - 'I'm scared about writing my first post, and not only that, who will see it?'. 

I can help take that first step with you.  #ItsTimeToConnect 

​Don't understand the need for social media?
​​It's Time to Connect.

 Getting started on Social Media in Wokingham


Understanding social media and protecting yourself

I provide you with the basics on social media, the purpose of each application and how to protect your personal information online.

Promoting your business on social media
I help you achieve and retain your business by promoting your business through social media online.

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The benefits of going online!

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